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About Agranimo

Agranimo offers tools which help growers improve their yields, protect their crops, plan and use available resources with more precision.
We work very closely with our clients and strive to provide excellent advice and services using agriculture technology. Our determination started when we noticed how many different tools are available to the growers, and how complex it was to choose and later use those tools. That is why we at Agranimo provide a full service: wireless climate monitoring tools and management advice.
By creating our own FDR soil moisture probe and other devices, we accumulated the knowledge of how the measurements are affected by different soil type, sensor placement in the field, topology and many other field characteristics. Using our agriculture technologies we perform the hard work of combining all the information and analysing it in one platform, in order to facilitate farm management.
We are working towards a more efficient plant production and food supply chain.
Contact us to discuss our ability to help commercialise and distribute your produce.
Agranimo Products
Agranimo Products

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