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Increase yields, reduce costs and improve control over your farming operations.

We are micro-climate experts. Together with your team, our agronomists help define the best management for each sector in your field.

Agranimo Platform automates climate analysis - it combines sensors, weather forecast, satellite and drone images with machine learning algorithms to detect all changes in the soil and microclimate.

Precise Irrigation Management

Correct irrigation based on exact field conditions can generate substantial fruit caliber increase and homogeneity. In our experience with Agranimo soil moisture sensor – you will also be saving water and energy.

Yield Forecasting

Better plan your harvesting and commercial relationships. We use a combination of cutting edge agronomic and statistical research to forecast yield volume and fruit caliber within your field based on the data collected by the sensors.

Pest and Disease Monitoring

We automate monitoring of pest and funghi development to offer immediate response strategies. We use local information to provide tracking tailored to your region and variety.

Soil Moisture Sensor calibrations specific to each soil or substrate

Our calculations are personalised to take into account the specific soil type, variety, phenological stage, substrate pot or bag etc.

Frost Forecasting

We are able to forecast frost/heat stress at each monitoring point and provide an alert 12 hours before an event. This alert will help you and your team to prepare and implement preventive measures exactly when needed. After such an event, we offer a precise estimate of the overall damage to your yield.

Reporting and benchmarking

Agranimo Efficiency Indices are created to quickly compare efficiency between different sectors in the field. Based on those we provide weekly reports to commercial and field managers.


Let us connect your existing sensors, or rent Agranimo equipment.

Extremely affordable FDR soil moisture sensor

  • 1 or 4 depth levels for dynamic moisture analysis
  • Information sent every 15 minutes
  • Patented technology for higher durability and accuracy

Download the catalogue with detailed information about Agranimo products and services.

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